My son is 7 now. He has been having an issue in is upper right side of his mouth for 2 years now. His 9 year old molars on that one side came in when he was 5. Now his 12 year old molars in the panoramic Xray today shows that it is sitting on top of his 9 year molar and that there is a wisdom tooth in development. He has gone to a DDS for a second opinion and they don't see any tumors which would be forcing these teeth out so early. Nobody knows why just this quadrant is growing at such a rapid pace. My pediatric dentist says that he has never seen this before. The DDS says the same. He sees him once a year to get new pictures and to keep a watch. Well now my son's dentist today is worried because the 9 year old molar's roots are destroyed/going to be destroyed by the 12 year old molar sitting on top of it possibly going to force his molar out. What can possibly be going on? Should we be exploring any other avenues? Any suggestions? Has this happened before? Could he just be an early developer on that one side? I do have his panoramic xray from today on .jpg if you need it.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - January - 2013, at 08:16 AM


    There is no 9 year molar. The first permanent molar that comes in the oral cavity is at 6 years of age. If it is coming at the age of 5 years it is o.k. It is bit early but it happens. The other molar that is the second molar erupts at the age of 12 years. In your son’s case it is difficult to give any comment without seeing the case clinically and seeing the X-ray. If you have OPG then you can send it . we may be able to help you. For more info  on eruption sequence you can visit the following link…..

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