I was lightly(i cannot stress that enough) getting some plaque off my lower gums. I noticed under the plaque, my gum was very dark. As i was inspecting my gums ONE OF M TEETH STARTED BLEEDING kind of bad and now its very sore.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - September - 2017, at 07:22 AM

  • It looks like that you have gum problem called Periodontitis in this because of plaque deposition the gums become inflamed, there is bone loss and because of infection the gums start bleeding. For this you have to visit the dentist and get the proper clinical examination done to find out the exact cause of bleeding and soreness. The dentist will do oral prophylaxis. Till then do warm saline rinses two to three times a day. Maintain very good oral hygiene. You can apply some gum pain which is available OTC. For more information on gum disease you can visit the following link on our website. 


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