Is it too much to expect that when you get a dental cleaning, that your teeth be all the way clean? I've never had this problem before, but the current dentist I'm seeing is 0 for 3. The first time my teeth didn't even feel clean and the hygienist had seemed completely half hearted. She barely even touched my teeth with the cleaning scrubber tool. Then the second time I had a cavity and the dentist actually showed me a spot that was still dirty because I couldn't get it very well (AFTER THE CLEANING!) so I could see the difference between that and the actual cavity. The third time it was for my daughter and she had some mineralization on her back teeth that he told me they would work at more "next time". They seem to be fond of leaving spots dirty then "watching them" turn into cavities. My husband is always having dental work done, crowns and everything, three int he last two years, and wondering if they are doing this to him too. Am I just paranoid here? I have never left the dentist office after a cleaning and not felt clean before. I used to enjoy a cleaning, now I am only frustrated. I am thinking of changing dentists, but maybe it wont make a difference?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - April - 2015, at 19:46 PM

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