Please help! Saw dentist #1 about 2 years ago about extracting #18. He referred me to an oral surgeon, because based on Xrays, he felt the tooth roots were too close to inferior alveolar nerve. Couldnt afford to see oral surgeon (dentist #2) at that time, so I toughed it out until 2 days ago when pain was no longer manageable. I saw dentist #3, and relayed the info and recommendations of dentist #1 two days ago, and after new Xrays were done, was assured the tooth wouldnt be a problem, and proceeded to show me on the films that the tooth roots appeared far enough away to not need a more advanced procedure. I was numbed adequately, and dentist #3 removed the abcessed tooth very easily in only a few short minutes, with no pain whatsoever. I asked if an antibiotic was needed because of the abcess, but was assured it was not, because the abcess was attached to the tooth and had all been removed with the extraction, so on my way home I went. 6 hours later, I ended up in the emergency room with the most intense, godawful and unbearable excruciating pain in my left temple and jaw, with my chin still numb, was nauseated from the pain. I was given several Marcaine injections there by an ARNP, with a prescription for 300mg Clindamycin po Q 6hrs til gone, Norco 5/325, 1 Q4-6hrs PRN breakthru pain, and a referral to see my dentist in the am. This only moderately reduced my symtoms, I was numb, but still having the jaw and temple pain, and also felt as though my left side of my sinuses just below my left eye were also affected. Pinching my nostril closed and slightly blowing very gently seemed to alleviate the sinus pain for a few seconds at a time. Saw dentist #3 the next morning and relayed my experience, and tooth site was assessed, and healing well, according to him. Clot in place, area clean, no swelling. The pain is not in the tooth area, but in the soft tissue just to the left of my chin and radiates up my jaw, left ear, and into my temple. I have found that the only thing that seems to slightly lessen my symptoms is heat to the area, and to take 2 Aleve and 1 Norco together, only then is the pain tolerable. Still present, but manageable. My concern is chin is still numb, and the throbbing pain in my temple and jaw returns every 6 hours or so. I have a recheck in 1 week with dentist #3, but dont see how I can stand to just eat pain pills for the next week til I get in. Any advice or opinions? I suspect that the nerve was possibly damaged during the procedure, and dont want to just sit and wait if I should be doing something now to help the outcome for healing.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - April - 2015, at 20:16 PM

  • Sometimes when the tooth is abscessed, then pain may occur afterwards but by taking antibiotics and pain killer tabs, it should go. It is very difficult to comment on your pain without clinical examination. As your pain is reoccurring after every 6 hours, it looks like as if it is due to some infection. May be the origin of pain is some other adjacent tooth. So keep taking antibiotics and pain killer tabs and maintain good oral hygiene and follow all the instructions given by your dentist. If the pain is due to infection then after 3rd day of antibiotics intake, the pain should start subsiding. for more info on complications after tooth extraciton, you can check this link in our website....

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