Having new dentures made I broke out with hives twice,thinking it was stress related but now this has also happen.Lower denture didn't fit on one side so they filled it with soft filler as doing this my toughn was burning and gums badly. They got a New jar of product and remixed,happen again but did cool down. Wearing dentures at night would wake up with burning and have to take denture out.Which I've never done before.My old dentures never had a problem.Went back to dentist and ask them to look,my toughn and gums red.The doctor didn't look his helper did and ,nothing was said.Then to fix a spot on my upper denture and his helper broke off two teeth,to be fixed.Then I woke up next morning to find my feet so swollen I could barley stand.I first thought salt.I cut out all salt.I just got worse.I called a nurse on call w/BlueCross/BlueShield after many questions,said I had allergic reaction to something.Told me what to do.I'm on Benadryl now 1 ever 4 hrs. Still swollen but can walk.I have the lower denture,they have the upper to fix.I am afraid to put lower denture in my mouth,it has the filler. With my old denture I'm wearing I have no problems.I know I became Toxic.I am eligeric to medels,this could be in that product.Will this get into plastic gums?This new denture process has been going on 61/2 months now.They make my app. every two weeks minus their vacations. I paid $3000 cash upfront,so they gave me a $300. discount.He's been a dentist 30 years. I will continue with Benadryl and hope it helps soon.What can I do,what should I do.Yes, I'm upset.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 13 - June - 2012, at 22:56 PM

  • Rather than using a relining denture i would recommend you to get a new set of freshly prepared dentures. You can get it done from that dentist only from where your treatment in undergoing or can visit a specialized prosthodontist....And don't wear dentures unless your gums aren't properly healed. Do warm saline water rinses daily and take antibiotics like amoxycillin. Regarding swollen foot, i would recommend you to visit a physician and take adequate rest...for more info on denture related problems visit the link...http://www.identalhub.com/dental-what-can-be-complications-with-complete-dentures-730.aspx

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