from my top part of my teeth my two front teeth have been chipped a bit a while back ago, and my enamel is just making my two teeth smaller and smaller. from my right front tooth it got chipped really bad and its half chipped. just wanted to know what i can do to fix them because i cant stand to have them like this its embarrising .

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - November - 2013, at 08:13 AM

  • First of all you have find out the cause for chipping of the teeth. Sometimes it is due to deep bite and in this case, you have to go for either veneers or dental crowns or you can get them buildup with composite. However before that bite has to be adjusted so that lower teeth donot affect the upper teeth. But if the chipping is due to some trauma then the treatment is same but there is no need to adjust the bite. for more info on chipping of teeth you can check this link in our website...

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