Helo there, it might be difficult to put in a few words :(.... I wake every night after a couple of hours, for about 1 year now with a pain in upper left tooth, not a big pain but enough to make me just doze till morning, even with neurofen. Have been to 4 dentists, some took xrays and all said they saw nothing wrong. My last dentist took the nerve out... but still the same problem, and when the crown fell off.. it was very sensitive to temperatures. So.. i guess some problem above the tooth. The tooth next to it, had a crown, then attempted root canal, then abscess, then extracted. It was curvy canine so the dentist has to use big tools and all his weight to extract, and to me it looks like he tore away a lot of gum from the tooth I'm having problems with now, though I think it's mostly grown back now. Anyways how can a dentist find out what is going on above the problem tooth, is there some residual abcess, permanently inflamed jaw nerves, or because of all the previous treatments, some nasty growth in there? Maybe a specialist I can ask to be referred to? I don't usually have any pain in the day, occasionally a bad ear ache in the left ear. Thanks very much for any advice, Joe

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - September - 2012, at 03:56 AM

  • You are most probably suffering from sinus involvement.You should get an OPG done to confirm the diagnosis.If you find opacity around the sinus in the OPG,you should consult an ENT specialist.

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