Hello and thank you for your advice. I just had a dental check up and cleaning. My composite fillings are decades old and several need to be replaced. Currently there is no new decay but the fillings are possibly leaking. I had my amalgam fillings replaced decades ago with these very composites due to the fact I was suffering tremendously with fibromyalgia and it was suggested that perhaps many of my then symptoms could be from the alalgam. I seem to be an extremely sensitive person. I also this spring had an extensive patch test done by an allergist. The results were that I am allergic to Ethyl Acrylates among other substances. When I mentioned this to the new dentist wanting to replace my worn fillings his response was" Well, you have a mouth full of them and it hasn't been an issue". Or has it? I have chronic pain through out my body, headaches, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, irritable bowel, the list is quite long. My appointments begin next week to replace several fillings and I don't know what options I have? I take my dental health very seriously. I used to work both for a general dentist as well as an oral surgeon. The hygienist I just saw commented that it looked like I had just had a cleaning before she even got started. Knowing these fillings are failing of course I want to tend to them asap but I also don't want to be made sick because of my allergy to acrylates. Please give me your opinion and advice. Thank you very much!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 20 - October - 2016, at 22:54 PM

  • Your dentist is right as already you have so many composite fillings and as per you they were fine. But at the sane time now you know that you are allergic to ethyl acrylate. You can not go for amalgam filling. So we are not left with any options. The GIC filling do not have ethyl acrylate but GIC filling is not very strong and we don't know which type of cavities you have. If they are pretty big then GIC will not stay. GIC fillings are normally done in baby teeth. You can discuss your treatment option with your dentist . For more info on dental fillings you can visit the following link on our website....


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