Pain on the left molars, resulting in pain in the head & muscular pain on the left hand jaw. Took medicines like amoxyxilin plus clavulanic & chlorhexedine mouthwash. Continuing with pain killers as of now. What can be the remedy?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - August - 2016, at 22:18 PM

  • If the pain is there in the wisdom tooth because of cavity that means the tooth is infected. You are already taking antibiotics and pain killers. This will help in subsiding the pain for the time being. For the treatment you have to get the X-ray done. If the tooth is infected then it is better you get it pulled out as wisdom tooth is not used for mastication and it is in the back and doing root canal is also difficult. For more info on wisdom teeth you can visit the following link on our website


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