my secons molar on the upper left side was broken and ended up getting a verrryyyy bad cavity. about a year ago I started to get really bad toothaches in it. I told my mom that I needed to go to the dentist but she didnt have the money. We have applied for medicad and its effective as of june first. However it got worse about a month or two ago. on the sixth I went to the e.r. because of the terrible pain. They gave me tylonol3 w/ codeine and penicillan. It went away for a while. but two weeks ago the pain spread to the right upper second molar. (same tooth opposite side) It hurts very bad, but there isnt even a little cavity in it. not at all. And I looked at it this morning and theres little white spots on the cheek and gum around both of the teeth. They both hurt very bad and at times I cant even eat. My whole face is swollen and Ive been getting very bad headaches. Im really sorry that this is so long but Its a lot to explain. I only have two cavitys and we plan on getting my teeth fixed the day that out medicad goes through, but the pain is so bad.. I havent been able to even go to school for two days almost. Its very bad. I tried to go to u of l school of dentistry but im really broke. they wanted a 90 dollar deposit on whatever they had to do and I dont have that kind of money. I really need some help, this hurts to bad. Ive been taking ibuprofen and using maximum strength orajel for severe toothache but neither are really working anymore. Please respond quickly..

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - May - 2012, at 23:40 PM

  • Your condition requires immediate dental consultion. You shouldn't wait as if the condition worsern than your treament cost will be automatically be increased. You can even seek the help of CARE CREDIT. They will pay for your whole treatment and you can return them in easy monthly installments and to get rid of pain you can try some home remedies:

    Take a liquid tooth pain reliever like Anbesol, dip a cotton swab in it. Now coat the anbesol dipped swab with crushed aspirin powder. Than apply it to the tooth and the surrounding area. Apply warm compress to the cheek with moderate pressure....

    for more info on home remedies of dental pain visit the link...

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