from past 2 year i am having gap in my front teeth and in lower teeth i need cleansing i have consult doc bt he said i have to expense 16 thousand for gap n cleansing i m 23 old and he said that i have to put braces i want to is there any alternative for this pblm for filling gap permanently i have lower labial muscle

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - February - 2012, at 20:42 PM

  • The permanent solution for closing the front gap in the lower teeth is braces after diagnosing whether the lower labial muscle is high enough to cause the problem. If the lower labial muscle is high then first you have to go for the frenectomy and then go for the braces. The other alternatives are to go for the crowns to fill the gap or th veneers . if you want a economical option that is the composite built ups but that is not permanent. For more info on the fornt teeth gap you can visit the following link.......

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