My tooth just cracked in half, my moler is growing diagonally (I'm 11) two teeth are on top of each other I have a gap between my teeth my teeth are just really bad

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 06 - December - 2013, at 20:12 PM

  • This is the time when 2nd molars are erupting and baby teeth are exfloliating. So donot take any chance and schedule appointment with your dentista asap. As one teeth is erupting above the other tooth, then one must be baby tooth and other adult tooth. Normally baby teeth shed before adult tooth comes out, but if it is not so then dentist will pull out baby tooth and make space for adult tooth. Regarding tooth crack it cannot be commented upon without clinical examination. for more info on cracked tooth you can check this article in our website.....

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