My gums have been swollen, irritated and bleeding when I brush my teeth for about a month. They don't look too bad but bother me and hurt. My teeth are stained black in some areas because of long-lasting effects from medicine I took years ago. People look at them and think I'm lazy, but I brush them at least twice a day. Got no tartar. I tried to brush with different brushes, different toothpaste, not using toothbrushes, using baking soda, nothing helps. Eating spices like mustard or tomato sauce worsens it temporarily. I don't eat hot spicy food though. I'm vegan and I'm usually in good shape, I eat more than people in general but exercise enough and never had issues with my gums. I'm looking for a dentist but I'm constantly traveling and it doesn't help me. I'd just like to know WHAT could be causing this!! Any ideas?? I mean my friend's tell me it's not vitamin deficiency, not leukemia and I doubt it's a mouth issue. What's going on with my gums?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 23 - August - 2012, at 03:09 AM

  • Without clinical examination it is really hard to tell the exact cause behing your problem. But yes, swelling and bleeding from the gums is due to caculus and plaque getting accumulated withing the gums. Due to plaque accumulation, the body's defence mechanism increases the vascularity of that region to fight with the bacteria. Now since there is increased blood supply in the gums, even mild irritation like mild poking, hard brushing can lead to bleeding. So, my take home decision is to get the tooth professionally cleaned and do flossing, brushing and mouth wash gargles as mentioned in the article with the link....

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