My dentist said I needed an onlay done, but the insurance refused to pay for it. So, he did a (cheaper) filling instead, even though he said it really needed an onlay, and I would probably need a crown later. The tooth hurt a little for about a month, but not too badly, and then it was totally fine. Well, of course, just 6 months later he said I had to have a crown done on that same tooth. So, I paid $1000 (a whole month's salary for me) to have the crown. Since having the crown, the tooth has been in pain on a daily basis for the last six weeks since I had it done. I am trying to be patient because they said it could take two months before it feels normal and maybe stuff just got agitated/inflamed or whatever you would call it. I am trying not to freak out and REALLY don't want to have a root canal after I paid all that money and have already been through all this. BUT, if I need a root canal, obviously I need to know. But, the dentist did an x-ray and said it looked fine and I took a round of antibiotics and it still hurts. I really can't chew anything on that side of the mouth and have been taking ibuprofen in regular doses every day. My concern is that I've also had some headache and just this week a small sore throat. YIKES!!! Please tell me the tooth is not infected. What should I do? Keep being patient and it will work out okay eventually? Or are these signs it needs a root canal? Thank you for your help!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 07 - August - 2012, at 22:11 PM

  • Looking into your problem as you said that there was no diagnosis made in Xray related to that teeth. So, most likely your pain is related to high seating of the crown. I would advise you to get the crown checked by your dentist and if it is high then get it reseated. Due to high placement of crown you are most likely having a headache. But without manual examination I can't be sure as it can also be due to tooth infection inside the crown. For more info on crown visit the link....

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