My bottom two front teeth have been tingling for about 2 days. i was at the dentist rescently before the tingling and they did not see any problems. i do have a history of grinding my teeth that could be the cause. i dont see anything that is chipped or anything at the spot. what could be the problem?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - December - 2011, at 00:24 AM

  • Tingling sensation of teeth can be because of blunt force trauma to teeth which can further make teeth loose in the socket and cause tingling sensation or can occur because of teeth grinding. Tingling of teeth can also occur because of nerve damage or can occur because of gums infection in relation to teeth. Teeth grinding causes stresses on teeth and leads to tingling sensation. Plaque deposits in relation to lower teeth can cause gum and periodontal problems and lead to tingling sensation of teeth. Without clinical examination, it is difficult to tell about the definite cause of tingling sensation. If it is because of teeth grinding, then mouth guard can be give to relax the jaw muscles and to avoid stresses on teeth. If there is nerve damage present, then root canal treatment can be done for the teeth and in case of gum infections, dental cleaning and root planning can be done. You can visit your dentist for treatment. By the time you visit your dentist, avoid intake of very hot or cold food stuffs which can aggravate the tingling sensation and maintain good oral hygiene. Use of desensitizing tooth paste may also help. For more info on teeth grinding, refer to….

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