I've had tooth pain between my molars on the top left I don't know if anything is stuck or what bit its been hurting on and off through out the day for 2 weeks and radiates pain in my jaw on that side especially if I'm laying down or unknowingly clenching my teeth. Its really bad in the morning when I wake up I can't goto the dentist just yet no money or insurance but Whats the best store brand mouth guard and would it work for me at night for now?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - February - 2017, at 05:31 AM

  • From your symptoms it looks like you have an infection in the tooth.You have to get the X-ray done to find out which tooth is infected and get the treatment done. For the time being you can take any pain killer which are available OTC. It will give you some temporary relief. you can put clove in that area that also has the sedative effecft. for home remedies for dental pain you can visit the following link on our website.....


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