Well I see someone has already ask my question a couple year ago but I don't see any replies to any questions ask on here. Im going to ask again and hopefully my answer will be posted some how. I had all four wisdom teeth extracted about 9 days ago. At first I thought I had a dry socket because Im still in pain. I went to the dentist a couple days ago and told him all my symptoms( foul taste pain feeling sick headaches sore throat nasal pressure and neck pain) but he looked inside and told me I was healing great no dry sockets. I told him three of the spots seem fine as far as pain but one at the bottom has lots of pain. He said Im just still a little sore and prescribed me stronger meds. I go home and its has been a couple more days since going to the dentist. I still have pain at the bottom and now I see a bubble. The foul taste has increased still have headaches and feel sick but the sore throat neck pain nasal pressure are gone. when I spit I can still see a little brown but it doesn't taste like blood. Im worried my gums are infected. After reading so many horror stories about dental problems Im wondering if I should go to the ER or wait until Monday to see my dentist again. Im out of antibiotics and still have some pain meds. I gargle salt water which helps with the foul taste. What can I do for a gum infection after extractions? Im pretty upset that he didn't really acknowledge my symptoms before. I feel he just wanted money from the beginning. I went in for a simple teeth cleaning and asked about removing one wisdom teeth which had a hole in it. I was not in no pain at all. Just wanted it out because the teeth hole smell bad. he insisted I get all removed because I would need it in the long run because of the limited space in my mouth. I only had one wisdom tooth in my mouth to start, the other three did not grow in, yet he insisted taking all of them out before. hoping I will be ok for one weekend.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - November - 2013, at 01:26 AM

  • We answer all the questions posted in ask a dentist for free dental consultation. As per your problem, if you have pain even after 10 days of tooth extraction of wisdom teeth then it is normal as you have mentioned that 3 wisdom teeth were impacted and one which was out in the mouth had a hole, so when the impacted teeth are pulled out, bone cutting has to be done by oral surgeon and it takes time for healing to take place and it can take 3 weeks to 6 weeks for healing. Till then try to maintain good oral hygiene. Keep  doing warm saline rinses and take pain killer tabs sos and other meds as precribed by your dentist. If you are not very convinced with your dentist then you can take second opinion from a different dentist. for more info on pain after tooth extraction, you can read this link in our website.. http://www.identalhub.com/dental-pain-after-tooth-extraction-890.aspx

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