one of my front top teeth is slightly on top of the other. growing up all dentists said i do not need braces but it does still bother me. i thik a bite plate can possibly fix this, but im not sure, what do you suggest, do you know any dentists that wd give free consultation and if a bite plate is the answer, apporx how much will it cost?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - April - 2012, at 00:51 AM

  • Your case needs an orthodontic consultation (specialized in braces work). Only after manual examination, it can be decided that what kind of braces you need to have. The treatment only depends upon how much space needs to be created. After you will visit your orthodontist, the fist thing he will take an impression of your teeth to create a mould and will check the bite. After that only the treatment modality will be suggested. Again the cost of treatment totally depend upon which appliance you are getting.

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