How long after wisdom teeth removal can a retainer be worn? I had my two right ones removed last Thursday. I don't want to irritate the area but I now have a gap between my two front teeth from not wearing my retainer. How much longer should I wait or can I wear it now?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - August - 2013, at 20:52 PM

  • Initial 24 hours are crucial as there is a chance of clot dislodgement which can cause the dry socket but after that if the extraction was nonsurgical and there is no swelling then you can wear your retainers. but make sure to keep them clean and maintain good oral hygiene. Follow all the instructions given by your dentist. Fot more info on do's and don'ts after tooth exrtraction you can visit the following link......

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