Please help. Today I had my wisdom tooth removed. Four hours after and it is still bleeding. I can see something white on the edge of the socket and I am afraid it might still be a piece of tooth. Is it possible that the dentist could have overlooked it or is it bone protrution? Most importantly, is it normal? It hurts a lot, my whole left side of my face hurts.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 03 - January - 2017, at 22:11 PM

  • Bleeding even after 4 hours is normal.don't irritate the extraction socket and follow all the instructions given by your dentist. Blood oozing can be there for upto 24 to 48 hours after extraction. So don't worry. As for something white you can see it can be the bone. If the side is hurting it is normal . Take your meds .It will help relieving the pain. The first 24 hours are crucial as in that time clot is formed which helps in healing. For more info on wisdom tooth extraqction you can visit the following link on our website....

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