I had my right upper and lower molars(very back) pulled on 11/9/12. Minimal swelling until yesterday am. Yesterday and today, my right side of my face is swollen over to my nose and much swelling in jaw area. Pain increased yesterday and today my right ear is hurting and it hurts to swallow. I am taking clindamycin 300 mg 4 times daily. My dentist is not available over the weekend. I am using ice for the swelling 20 min on then 20 min off. Any ideas why this is getting worse and what I could or should do?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 16 - November - 2012, at 23:29 PM

  • After the tooth removal, there is bound to be some kind of discomfort and pain. The pain and soreness may last for few days after tooth extraction. Painkillers are given by the dentist to control the pain. Pain meds such as Ibuprofen, Tylenol, Paracetamol, Solpadeine or Nurofen Plus can be used to control the pain.Swelling after tooth extraction procedure is a normal body reaction and is indicator of normal progress of healing of tooth extraction socket.The swelling can be treated by using an ice-pack or by pressing a bag of frozen peas against the cheek near the tooth which is removed. This will help to lessen the swelling. Alcohol, hot foods and drinks and work out immediately after the tooth extraction can aggravate the swelling. Warm saline rinses and hot moist compresses 1-2 days after tooth extraction will further help in reducing the swelling.
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