My dentist did some spot filling on a tooth that I have a metal filling, but she filled those spots with composite filling instead of refilling those spots with amalgam. She didn't check my bite with the carbon paper until I had to comeback in and tell her my bite felt off. I had some high spots that she did some adjusting, but couldn't really tell being numb if it was OK after the first adjustment. Later, I ate soft food: soup, grapefruit and salad and when I bit down on these, I got a sharp piercing pain. It didn't hurt on every bite or chew, or even when I clinch my teeth, but only at a certain point it really hurts, so much I'm afraid to attempt to chew on it. I hope this is just related to the filling itself and she didn't crack/fracture my tooth somehow. I've had high spots on fillings before, but NEVER experienced a sharp pain while eating. Is this sharp pain typical of high spots on fillings? I'm almost in tears over this afraid it's a crack/fracture and eating on one side is depressing me. Any suggestions/help? Thank you!!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 27 - January - 2013, at 08:07 AM

  • It does not looklike that you have crack or fracture in tooth as in that case you always feel pain when you bite or chew. The sharp piercing pain happen sometimes after composite filling. So you can use some desensitising toothpaste for sensitivity and if it does not help then you can go back to your dentist, who can redo the filling. For more info on problems after dental filling you can read following article in our website....

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