My wisdom tooth grew in and starting running against the corner of the roof of my mouth. I don't know if it got all the pink skin pushed aside cause there's a bit of white in the middle. It hurts when I chew something or yawn. Please help. I just hope it's not something serious and can be taken care of quickly. Thank you.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 06 - July - 2015, at 20:22 PM

  • May be because your wisdom tooth is impacted and does not have any space to grow in proper angulation and that is why it must be causing the trouble. So now you schedule an appointment with a dentist who will do clinical exam and take xray to see the position of tooth. If is due to impacted wisdom then you may need extraction of wisdom tooth. It is difficult to give you definate diagnosis without clinical exam but till then you can keep very good oral hygiene and do warm saline rinses 2-3 times a day. for more info on impacted wisdom teeth you can check this link in our website...

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