I See a small red dot and a small red line in front of my teeth. What does it mean I never had a tooth problem, my family don't have a tooth problem, and I don't eat candy often. I may sometime don't brush my teeth properly at time and sometime fall asleep without brushing it. is that what causing it? I am WORRYING

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - August - 2015, at 09:32 AM

  • It must not be red. It could be some browish red spot which can be decay. Sometimes it is brownish black in color. It can be some staining also. So without clinical exam it is difficult. For this you have to schedule an appointment with dentist. if it is due to decay then you have to get filling done and if it is due to some staining then simple cleaning will take care of this. So go ahead and schedule an appointment with some dentist. For more info on dental topics you can browse our website.

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