Hi Sir, I am Mayank(ASL-25/M/India). I am confused whether to go for orthodontic treatment or not. Because of lack of space both of my canines have come out from upwards my other teeth and they are a bit displaced from proper location. Doctors say that this can be corrected by braces for a year. But since my age is over 25 i am confused whether i will get the desired results or not as the displacement needed to put canines back in proper position is a lot. So i am skeptic about the success of the treatment. Also since my other teeth are ok is it feasible to get both the canines extracted and solve the problem straight away? Thanks in advance for your advice. Also please mail me you email id where i can share the pics of my teeth for you to have a better look.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 25 - October - 2012, at 04:34 AM

  • It's perfectly fine to go for orthodontic treatment at the age of 25 yrs.Braces can be done at any age.If you are conscious about getting braces, you can get the see through brackets which means that only the wire will be quite visible (it's much better than having metal brackets too) depending on the condition of your teeth, braces for a year or two is way better than having skew teeth for your whole life.You can ask your orthodontist about lingual orthodontics.They can also put brackets on the backs of your teeth, if you are concerned about the appearance.

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