Hi..I am 22 years now and had been having gaps between almost all my teeth three years back. To get the gaps closed, I wore braces for an year under the advise of my Orthodont.Things were pretty fine when I got my braces removed. As expected, my teeth got perfectly aligned with no gaps seen between any of them. I was given a retainer to be worn for almost 6 months.And I had been wearing the same for almost one year, as gaps started to develop between my upper front teeth. When I wear my retainer in the night, the next day I could see the gap is closed . Forgetting the retainer for a day atleast developed the gap again. I was pissed off about this and decided not to wear retainer anymore. Now its been one and half year I wore my retainer. I could now clearly see significant gap between my upper two front teeth and my jaw has gone bigger now. These days, when I feel like wearing the retainer I have, I wear it at night . To my surprise the next morning I see the gap is not closed fully and the front teeth start drifting apart very soon after the removal of retainer. I am too desperate of having my gaps closed . Please suggest me if I should wear my retainer 24*7. Please suggest other ways as well.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - April - 2017, at 22:11 PM

  • If the gap is reappering you have to use the retainer initially day and night to close the gaps. When the gaps are closed the you should go for fixed retainers. These are fixed at the back of the teeth and are there for life time. They don't cause any problem. In some cases where relapse rate is very high you have to go for the fixed retainers. For more info on fixed retainers you can visit the following link on our website.....


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