In May had old filling with cracks in number 18 crowned. Pain started and led to root canal which led to more pain in that tooth which was felt all the way to the two teeth in front of it. This led to surgical extraction of 18. The surgeon believed it was a hair line fracture. Now three months later there is still an odd soreness around 19 (which has a crown). Just had an X-ray and cleaning at which time the lady cleaning said she was concerned because my X-Ray showed a dark area all under 19 and 20 which she thought is infection but the extraction site had healed nicely.When my long time dentist came to take a look he wasn't concerned as the other side had the same dark area and said it was just the structure(?)of my jaw. (Not sure if I remember that right) He said sometimes an adjacent tooth moves a little after extraction (he mentioned the tooth had straightened a little). He checked current and past X-rays then tested my bite and did some minor drilling for that. The bite does feel better. Anyway, the soreness is there kind of at the base of 19 with certain movements of my mouth. I wish the lady who did the cleaning had't freaked me out because I have to take antibiotic for MVP and I sure don't want to worry about infection and my heart. I really like and trust my dentist but after three months I gotta wonder what this soreness is about and when it will end. It's better than it was and no pain upon probing etc. P.S. I had a lot of soreness and pain in several teeth adjacent to 18 after the root canal and for a full month after the extraction, but it gradually felt better and am chewing back there a little. Just this residual minor soreness

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - November - 2013, at 09:24 AM

  • As the soreness is gradually decreasing, so your dentist is right in advising you that every thing is normal. As your #18 was badly infected and even root canal was a failure, so after extraction, such extraction sockets take time to heal and can take upto 6 weeks to 3 months for complete healing. So  if your soreness is gradually going and you are chewing back from that side then that means the socket is healing well and there is nothing to be concerned. However if you are not convinced the you can take second opinion from another dentist. for more info on tooth extraction you can check this link in our website...'s-and-don'ts-after-tooth-extraction-153.aspx

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