hi doctor. i am a young dentist and a case presented to me as follows : 14y female with pain at her upper right posterior quadrant, clinically there is caries and small cavity on palatal pit of the 7 and gingivitis in the same quadrant but the lesion is initial with enamel involvement only. her x-ray for (6 and 7) shows widening of periodontal ligament of mesiobuccal root of the 7 with deep pocket(2 thirds of the root) and she complains from moderate and spontaneous pain as she claimed, i have done a deep scaling and after 3 days she complains from the same pain again. my question is: does deep pockets clinically cause moderate to sever pain?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 19 - May - 2014, at 09:31 AM

  • Normally deep pocket and that too at the age of 14 years does not cause spontaneous pain. It may be due to cavity which is the pit on the palatal side. Sometimes from outside clincally pit seems very shallow but it is the apex of cavity and base of the cavity is deep and broad near the pulp and it can cause spontaneous pain because of irreversible pulpitis. So it is difficult to give proper diagnosis without clinical exam and xrays and history. 

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