I have had a wisdom tooth extraction 3 days ago. my tooth was horizontally placed in jaw and it took about 5 hrs to remove however a tiny part of root has still remained there. The Dr said it is located in bone and very close to nerve and he said we cannot remove it now so you should wait and see if there would be inflammation there I have to go for another surgery. Right now I have still lots of pain and cannot open my mouth. Please let me know what should I do? I want to also know how dangerous it is to keep a part of root remained in bone? Please help me.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - November - 2012, at 00:34 AM

  •  A small uninfected root tip can sometimes be left inside the jaw after a dental extraction if its removal might be too difficult or cause too much trauma for the patient. Often, root tips, bone chips and fragments will work their way out on their own, but may also need some help from the dentist to remove them completely. An infected root tip stuck in the jaw bone will require surgical removal.Your dentist told the right scientific fact, and as a rule up to 1/3 of the root can be left if fractured during extraction, specially if it is close to vital structures as maxillary sinus or main nerve trunk of the mandible.You must do your part and let the area heal, no straws, no smoking, light or liquid foods, and take ample rest.Maintain good oral hygiene.Visit your dentist for regular follow up.

    For more info,visit the link http://www.identalhub.com/article_care-after-wisdom-tooth-extraction-258.aspx

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