Im in 9th grade and im considering wether or not i should take further steps in pursuing a career as a dentist. How compeptitive is dental school? How difficult is it to start one's own private practice? Also, i have a gap on my bottom row, and a smaller one on my top row, im not sure if i need braces, whenever i ask my dentist he tells me i dont but im almost positive i do. Will my imperfect teeth effect my chances of becoming a dentist?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - May - 2012, at 00:16 AM

  • Its good that you are concerned about your career at this age group. Yes you can very well persue as a dentist. Though you have to study hard and with dedication and you got to have perfection in hands as dentistry is all about hand work.

    After graduating you need a dental chair and equipment to start up with and can start earning handsomly after full fledged set up. Though it takes time to build you patient pool but once established you will be among the richest persons. 

    Regarding your dentition, i would suggest you to visit an orthodontist. If the gap is too small than you can undergo composite filling (reshapin) but if its too large and visible than you require an appliance....For more info on visit the link....

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