I am a spondylitis patent since 15 years From last 2 month I have pain in front muscles of my neck But from 5days I am having pain in my jaws Yesterday my doctor advice for x ray Report is again the servicel spondylitis And as compared to 2015 x ray it show fat on front side of throat also I don't have any problems with eating Please advise

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 12 - December - 2016, at 23:32 PM

  • If you had an X-ray and there is no problem with the teeth then jaw pain may be a symptom of the cervical spondylitis. Some times when we are stressed out or anxious we tend to clench the teeth or the jaw muscles which can cause the jaw pain. You can discuss with your doctor. With out the clinical examination and the detailed history it is difficult to give any diagnosis. For more info on jaw pain you can visit the foliowing link on our website......

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