I had a dental appointment back in February because my wisdom teeth had begun to come in and were causing me discomfort and I believed were beginning to shift my teeth. I spoke with my dentist about it, he X-rayed my jaw and teeth and told me that my teeth would not shift, that all my wisdom teeth had plenty of room, and that they would come in without problem. Well it's now 6 months later and my jaw and wisdom teeth are still causing me pain, none of them have fully erupted, a few have partially erupted but have flaps of gum over half or more of them, one hasn't erupted at all, and my front top teeth have been shifting since I last went it. I would like to know if he was just lying to get his day over with sooner, or if my wisdom teeth are supposed to be doing all of this. I've looked up images of impacted wisdom teeth and mine seem to look like they are vertically impacted and one might be angularlly impacted. I'm not a professional but I would like a second opinion. I have an image of my jaw and teeth X-ray from that day.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 26 - August - 2016, at 22:18 PM

  • Hi Natalie, from your symptoms it looks like as you should get your wisdom teeth removed. Wisdom teeth do not help in mastication and if they are causing problem they should be removed but I cannot comment in your case without seeing the X-ray image and the clinical examination.You can send me the image or you can have a second opinion from some other dentist or you can discuss your problem with your dentist. For more information on the wisdom teeth you can check the following link


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