Hi! In 1999 I had a root canal on a lower tooth. I have had about 5 abcesses since. My latest one began in October 2012. In January 2013 I took pen vk 500mg qid for 10 days. 2 days later I started and finished 10 days of clindamycin 300mg for 10 days. The infection remained. I had the tooth extracted last Thursday, April 26 and finished 10 days of Amoxicillin 500mg today, April 29. I still have a small amount of purulent drainage and a small white abcess is forming on the inside of my gum. Can u please give me your recommendation to get rid of this infection. Thank you so very much for your time!!! Nicole Campbell

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - April - 2013, at 19:50 PM

  • The abscess will take time to heal even after tooth extraction as it was chronic infection. You have already taken antibiotics for 10 days and so now you can just do warm saline rinses 3-4 times a day and maintain good oral hygiene. You can wait upto 3 weeks and if in this time the abscess does not heal then you have to schdule an appointment with your dentist, who then after clinical examination will find out the cause and do the treatment accordingly. For more info on tooth abscess you can check this article in our website.... http://www.identalhub.com/article_understanding-abscessed-tooth-204.aspx

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