There is pain in my teeth from last 3 days after doctor did a root kanal and take a measurement of the teeth after change the shape of teeth for placing a cap on it.But the prob is there is so much pain in my teeth so doctor told me to take a pain killer 3 times a day. When i m not taking a painkiller then pain is start again and i can't bear that pain.And yes there is also a swelling in my eyes and chicks inshort on my face.Doctor told me to put a cap on it there will be no prop if pain is continue and u cant put a cap on it. And i thouth why there is so much pain and i take a pain killer pills for 3 times a day is not good for healthand now 3 days are gone i am taking pills 3 times a day.Is this the treatment for the pain.I dont want to put a cap on it till my pain prob will not be solved. Plz sir help me and suggest me for the same what should i do. I dont belive my doctor me sir,,Thank you

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 28 - January - 2017, at 06:35 AM

  • Some times when you go for single sitting root canal the pain is there and we advise the patient to take the painkiler. But that pain is there for couple of days and it gradually starts decresing. If the pain is severe and there is swelling also even after three days of root canal treatment then you should consult your dentist or take second opinion. Atleast don't go for the crown till you are comfortable. After wards it will be difficult to remove the crown and moresoever putting the crown can aggravate the pain. For more info on pain after root canal treatment you can visit the following link on our website..

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