I have just switched dentists. My old dentist a year ago said that I had a cavity in a tooth that already had a filling that he had on watch for awhile. Funny thing is that he didn't tell me the exact tooth or show me on the xray what he was seeing. 2 weeks before seeing the new dentist I was getting pain every other time I bite down on one of my molars. I addressed this to her. She said that the xray did not show a cavity in that tooth (which is one that has a filling). She said the filling didn't have enough grooves, was too high and she checked my bite. She removed some of the filling to add more grooves and to improve my bite. I went through jaw pain on that side for a couple of weeks, which I assumed was my mouth trying to get used to the new bite. I still had pain in that tooth when biting. I went back in, she readjusted the filling in that tooth again, adjusted the molar next to it filling, and the upper first bicuspid that is a crown. Now my right side of my jaw hurts, I feel like the teeth on my right side are slamming together and that molar still hurts. Do I ask for another xray, get another opinion, or just assume that I am having sensitivity issues. I am worried that the composite filling may be loose and not a filling and that is why she doesn't see any cavities on the xray. Help!!!!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 06 - February - 2013, at 10:18 AM

  • If after adjusting the bite, pain is still there then it is better you get an xray done to see the cause of pain. may be the tooth is infected or the filling has to be redone. Normally the pain should go after the bite is adjusted but sometimes in composite restorations, because of sensitivity the pain is there and in that case refilling of cavity has to be done. For more info on pain after dental filling you can read in detail form this link in our website..... http://www.identalhub.com/dental-problems-after-composite-restorations-or-fillings-804.aspx

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