I have asked about my toothache problem earlier and got great advice. However, I am experiencing some symtems with the dentists solution of fixing some high fillings to alieve the pain. Quick back story. A year ago I had a male dentist who told me that I had a cavity in a filled tooth on the left lower first molar. I moved and didn't find a dentist until a year later. The new female dentist did not see any cavities in that tooth. The initial visit with my old dentist I had no pain in that tooth. I got pain in the first molar 2 weeks before I visited the new dentist. This filling is years old and is a composite filling. It is a filling that took place of a metal filling from when I was a kid. The new dentist did not like the heighth of the filling and felt that the pain may be contributed to it. The new dentist's first visit adjusted the filling with more grooves. I had some jaw pain on that side for several days. The pain in the tooth persisted. It is a pain that feels like it shoots down the middle of my tooth every other time I bite. I saw the new dentist again 2 weeks after my first visit. She made more grooves in the pained tooth, also in the filling in the second molar next to it, saying that it was higher also and I might be feeling the pain from that tooth nerve. I explained that the upper left upper first premolar crown was hitting harder now with the adjustments made. She took down the heighth of the crown. It is almost 4 days out. I still have pain in that tooth- not as much but with certain foods and hitting it just right it hurts. I have pain on my right side in the jaw. The teeth feel like they hit eachother harder on the right now. I caught myself snoring last night which I don't do. I have a hard time speaking like I used to- as if I lisp some of my words. All of my teeth on my right side are sore, especially the cuspids. I have a little bit of swelling in the bottom gumline on my left. My bottom right canine hurts along with the top canine because the bottom of the canine every so often hits the back of the upper canine. The tooth with the pain that started all of this has a very tiny dark spot on the top corner that was uncovered after her adjustment. I am not sure if that is the cavity in question or if it is some darkness that leaked from the metal filling. To sum it all up...I understand that when you fix allignments of the teeth, that you will have some pain and the body has to get used to the new bite. How long does the pain in the first molar take to go away after allignment? How long does the jaw and other teeth on the right side pain take to go away? When is enough, enough? I am patient, I just don't want to do any damage to my teeth. I have an appointment in two weeks. Do I wait to address this to the dentist then?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 08 - February - 2013, at 19:48 PM

  • If the filling was old and it was not paining before then it can not be high afterwards. The old filling was adjusted according to your bite as you were eating normally from that side so it need not get any adjustment after it becomes old. but if the filling is quiet old then some times because of marginal leakage the secondary caries are there. In that case you have to get the filling redone and if after getting the X-ray done the filling has become deep and pain is there then may be you have to go for the root canal treatment. After doing the occlusal adjusment the pain should go with in a week. In my opinion discuss with your dentist or take a second opinion. for more info on composites you can visit the following link....http://www.identalhub.com/article_disadvantages-of-composite-restoration-293.aspx

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