I have never had TMJ before until after my new dentist made some adjustments. I have a crown that needs to be replaced which is my left upper first bicuspid. A couple of weeks before I had seen this dentist I had some occasional pain in my lower left first molar that has a 7 year old composite filling. The xrays looked good when I asked about the molar. The dentist said that I might just have some sensitivity jn that tooth because the filling had no groves and was really high. He adjusted the filling. I had some jaw pain on the left side but it went away after a few days and I didnt even associate it with the adjustment. The 2 week follow up for the crown on the left and a couple of metal fillings that are going to be replaced on the right. I mentioned to him that there was some sensitivity in the left molar still. Not as often but still there. I had done some bleaching in preparation for the crown during those two weeks. He adjuated that molar again, the second molar next to it that has a composite filling and the upper crown. After words I experienced so many symptoms and pain I have never felt before. After researching your site I figured out that I have every symptom of TMJ. I have every symptom from feeling sick, eye pain, to severe jaw and headaches. I have 15 symptoms. It doesnt feel like my left side of my teeth touch while my right side teeth are slamming into eachother. To relieve any kind of pain I dont let my teeth touch ever! I cant anyways because the resting spot my teeth had is gone. After a week he did a whole arch paper dye testing. He showed me in the mirroe that the pressure points were even. I pointed out that the dye covers a lot more surface and plane on the top of the teeth on the right side. The left side only had the tips colored and the right had almost the whole tooth. He stated that dentists look at how much pressure is on the teeth not how much surface. The pressure is even. Then he said the cuspids are hitting a little harder due to the left side crown adjustment, but that needed to be adjusted to protect the crown. The back right molar is hitting a little more and he can adjust that. I said no because that tooth is a healthy tooth and I have so much pain thatvI dont want to mess with my bite again. I am two weeks out from the last major adjustment and I am still in pain with my jaw roaming trying to find a resting spot. I dont bite down in the same spot. I am replacing my crown next week. I didnt get any help with the TMJ except for the suggestion of the mouth guard to help with the spasming which I wont receive for another month after my crown is done and I get the metal fillings replaced. My question is, can I get my two molars refilled that the adjustments were done on to build back up that heigth and put my bite back into balance, or is it too late now, what is done is done? I just want to be able to eat more solid foods again, and not have all these symptoms without doing major adjustments to my healthy teeth again.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 15 - February - 2013, at 09:15 AM

  • it is difficult to give any advise with out the clinical examination but you have to get the occlussion adjusted.. the TMJ problem can be there if the bite is not adjusted. For this you have to go to some specialist or take another advice. You can go for the replacemant of the filling but if there is pain and sensitivity then may be you have to go for the root canal treatment . Some times when the teeth are in pain they do not occlude well . for more info on dental pain you can visit the following link......http://www.identalhub.com/dental-knowing-all-about-dental-pain--539.aspx

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