Um I noticed that on the gumline just under my lower tooth I have red spots. I was brushingmy teeth and it felt a little sensitive. I looked in the mirror and found very small red spots. They are not bumps. It looks like a hickey- That's the only way to describe it. It is slightly tender. If it is swollen, it is so slight that I can't tell. I ate some hot food today. Could that be a gum type burn? I am also taking a muscle relaxer, and an anti inflamatory. Could it be an allergic reaction? The only reason why I would say no to the reaction is because it is only in a small area next to 2 teeth. I can't find this description or picture on the internet. I am a little worried of what this could be.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - March - 2013, at 08:18 AM

  • It looks like that you have localized gingivitis. It can be due to some ulceration which can be there due to some trauma or some irritation in the particlular area or it can possibly be due to hot food you have taken. It does not look to be allergic reaction as it is localized. Just donot irritate that area and maintain good oral hygiene. You can do warm saline rinses and locally apply some gum paint availabel otc. If it is due to ulceration then it will take sometime as ulcers are self limiting and take around 7-10 days to heal. if it is due to some irritation because of trauma or hot food then this will go by in 3-4 days. For more info on gum dieases you can check these articles in our website...

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