My daughter has an undiagnosed lip tie ( dentist sees it as only cosmetic) and recently took her in to emergency due to decay on her front teeth ( white spots around gum and one brown spot) the dentist gave us 2 options. Being only 15 months old he said leave it and hope it doesnt get worse, or pull all 4 front teeth, he didnt give us any treatment options but clean her teeth with flouride toothpaste every time she eats or nurses. I have read many articles suggesting that the lip tie can cause food and milk to become trapped leading to decay. I think a frenectomy would make it easier to brush her teeth since she throws a fit, kicks bites and screams everytime we brush her teeth, she hates it especially when i get close to her lip tie. I am at a loss I dont want to have her teeth pulled, that would be traumatizing. but I dont want her teeth to decay any worse, but they wouldnt fill them.. Any help would be awesome. I am devastated.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 02 - December - 2013, at 20:37 PM

  • It is very unfortunate that at age of 15 months your daugther has decayed teeth but there are many options available. If you use flurodated toothpaste, the white spots will disappear but brown spots, you have to get them filled. If this particular dentist is not filling them then you have to go to  a Pedodontist who is a child specialist dentist, and they are best for this and get these teeth filled from them. Frenectomy is an option but normally it is done later in life around 8-9 years of age when permanent teeth starts coming in. If you are not able to brush them properly then you can clean them with wet gauge piece. For more info on frenectomy you can visit the following link......

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