Hello,pls my wife is having a bad mouth odour and when she is breathing out a times the odour is severely bad especially when we were having fun the deep breathing out from her is too bad. Pls what can be done on it as to rectify this and put a permanent solution to it? Thanks

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 26 - October - 2016, at 22:26 PM

  • There are many causes of bad breath . It can be because of poor oral hygiene or some systemic disease.  The most common cause is the poor oral hygiene because of which plaque deposition is there, This causes the bad breath . It is also alled as the helitosis. For this you have to get the professional cleanig done. The dentist will clean the teeth and do the clinical examination. if there is any decay of the teeth the restorations will be done. This all will help . Till then she can do warm saline rinses along with brushing twice a day and can use some mouth wash.  For more info on bad breath you can browse the following link on our website...



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