I am desperate for help and hope that you can help me. Four months ago, I had my remaining 6 upper teeth extracted and an immediate denture. Six days after oral surgery, I got a yeast infection in my mouth and the oral surgeon said to leave the denture out for about 3 days. The yeast infection cleared up with no problem. The oral surgeon who did the extractions (a resident) rubbed the front of my gum and said I had a (something - can't remember the name), but that it was normal. The very front of my gums is curved - almost like a highway overpass (that's the only way I can think of to describe it) or like there's a "curved" plate under the gum. Now, since the swelling has gone down, I haven't been able to wear my denture without severe pain in my front gums. The denture was adjusted constantly and still no relief. Another oral surgeon said I had some excess gum tissue at the very top of my gums and showed me what needed to be adjusted. I had it done, but even that hasn't helped. Out of desperation, my dentist did an early hard reline. Well, it's gotten worse. I have what I call a "monkey lip." The dentist tried shaving some of the outside part of the denture in front to relieve the lip from being pushed out, but it's still there. I DO NOT have any "sores," but it hurts like there's no tomorrow. I still can't eat normally. I mentioned an "open face" denture (with no fake gum in the front - it starts near the sides) to my dentist, but he immediately shot down the idea saying they were "no good." But I know 3 people who have them and really like them. I don't know if it's too late for me to get those, though. So, my dilemma is: What is causing all of this pain?? What should I do? Should I have a whole new denture made someplace else and should I try an open face denture? I don't want to spend $1,200 on a new denture and have the same problem. By the way, I tried leaving the denture out for a whole week and it was still hurting. Yes, I continue to have the pain even after I remove the denture. There's a slight burning feeling with the pain. ANY suggestion would be greatly appreciated. I'm tired of leaving work early in tears because of pain and having no one care (like my dentist and the oral surgeons). They haven't even taken x-rays. They all say they don't "think" I need them. I have to pack the front part with Benzodent just to be able to put the denture in. I know that can't be good for my gums, either. Thank you so much for ANY help you can offer. ~ Peggy ~

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 14 - May - 2012, at 02:29 AM


    It seems that the whole problem started after you were given immediate dentures. The first thing i would suggest you to get an X ray done as among all the probabilities there are chances of sharp bony spicules that might be causing you trouble even if you take off your dentures. You might require reshaping of the alveolar bone.

    Another cause of pain can be ill fitting dentures with rough surface. You should get your denture checked by the dentist that did your treatment. Rather than continuously reshaping your old denture get a new set of denture. If cost is the problem than you can visit a dental school where it can be done as reduced price or you can also seek the help of CARE CREDIT.

    Till that time, do warm saling gargels (it acts as an antibiotic) and apply ice packs (it will reduce swelling)...For more info about dentures and problems related to it you can visit....http://www.identalhub.com/articlecategory-dentures-50.aspx


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