2 months ago my molar (beside my wisdom tooth, right) had a crack posteriorly after eating. I just ignored the problem & kept on postponing my dental appointment since i was also busy w/ my prenatal check ups because i was bleeding during my 5th & 7th week of pregnancy. The pain on my tooth persisted until i finally sought help. I had a tooth filling and my dentist told me my impacted wisdom teeth needs to be removed after i will give birth. Even after the tooth filling pocedure te pain still persisted. I feel throbbing pain on the affected area. It's even radiating to proximal area. What will i do? I cant take ibuprofen since im 12 weeks pregnant. Why am i still in pain? Is the pain related to my calcium depletion bec. of pregnancy?

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 05 - November - 2012, at 04:10 AM

  • Tooth ache before filling would be because of infection in the tooth and tooth ache after filling can be because of some high point on filling or can be because of infection still left in the tooth. If the infection is deep, then root canal treatment can be done for the tooth. Your dentist after clinical and radiographic examination will find out that what the exact cause of pain in the tooth is.  If it is because of some high point in the tooth, then your dentist can remove it and if it is due to infection left in the tooth, then refilling or root canal treatment is done.  In pregnancy it becomes important that you maintain a good oral hygiene. You are in the second trimester of pregnancy which is considered to be safe period for dental procedures. You can consult your dentist and get the treatment done before the pain becomes unbearable for you to take. Taking only the pain medicaments will not serve the purpose. For more info on dental procedures and pregnancy, you can refer to the following article…http://www.identalhub.com/article_dental-procedures-and-pregnancy-188.aspx

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