I took a softball to the mouth and nose yesterday afternoon, then today i woke up and the teeth felt a bit better, but kind of really tender and just the slightest bit loose. They are still in the same place and have not moved at all and are still straight, they just hurt and are loose, the gum is the same color as that around it and doesn't hurt at all, and the roots of the tooth are also not experiencing any discomfort, other that when the teeth hurt from being touched.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 04 - December - 2012, at 02:44 AM

  • Unfortunately, the full scope of this type of injury can never be known until weeks or even months have passed. Depending on whether the blood vessels that serve the pulp of the tooth were severed, the pulp will either live or die. If the pulp dies, there is no choice but to either have root canal therapy or remove the tooth. Suffice it to say that this tooth will need to be monitored for symptoms and by x-ray for the next year or two to watch out for any signs of pulp infection. There is not anything you can do now to alter the course of events-- it all depends on whether the injury damaged those blood vessels.Visit your dentist for clinical examination.If you have used those teeth to bite in anything, that would definatly be a bad idea. Do not exert any forces at all on those teeth.

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