Seven weeks ago an old filling fell out from my top left first bicuspid. The filling was replaced but it fell out again and the dentist decided to readjust/enlarge the cavity so a new filling would stay. This procedure was done under local anaesthetic. Once the effect of the anaesthetic wore off, my tooth was very sensitive. I suffered very unpleasant sharp pain especially when drinking and eating either hot or cold. Back to the dentist to readjust the tooth (with carbon). But this didn't help. I gave it 10 days or so to see if time would heal and went back to the dentist. By that time I was using only my right side to chew. The dentist suspected that the filling was putting pressure on the tooth. They took the material away, investigated inside to check the root canal was alright and replaced the filing using less pressure (I think they also changed the type of material) and in two parts so it would impart less pressure. It did relieve the pain I was having to some extent but I was still experiencing pain regularly. Still chewing using the right side only, I began to develop pain in my jaw and cheek bones and basically, for a while, across all my teeth and my whole mouth. This lasted a week or more. I was taking pain killers (although with no efect) and had to blend my dinner as I couldn't chew properly because of the pain. Back to the dentist. I described all the symptoms mentioned above. The treated tooth was the source of the most pain: it was like biting a very small stone giving a sharp pain. Also I mentioned that food was concentrating between the tooth and its neighbouring second bicuspid and the resulting pressure was also giving sharp pain. (The filling was on the side of the first bicuspid). They investigated again, used carbon again to readjust a little more, took new X-rays (can be provided), and the conclusion was: "We don't know why you are still in pain". Since then (a week ago) I have been suffering very acute sharp pain when I eat and drink, hot and/or cold from the treated first bicuspid to the Second molar (sometimes to the third molar inside my gum!). The pain is much the same each time and varies from tooth to tooth (all top left), but I am also having similar pain periodically now on my cupid to my second molar on bottom left. Pain, pain, pain, each time a different tooth. I am helping myself with massaging the teeth and gum. I am also taking pain killers but they have been of no help. Really don't know what to do next or who to ask for help.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 23 - March - 2012, at 10:26 AM

  • Pain after getting the filling is either because the filling is high or it has become too deep putting the pressre on the exposed pulp. In your case  it looks like that the filling has become very deep as you already got it adjusted so many times so it can not be high. Take a second opinion andif it is the case then get the roo tcanal treatment done.For more info on pain after detal filling you can visit the folowing link....

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