Hello & TY for taking the time to read this & hopefully give a helpful suggestion. In August 2010 I fell on my face, due to my medical condition, & I broke my jaws. I was wired shut, the whole bit, for 4 weeks. While being wired my teeth were apparently loose enough to move and once the wires & elastics were removed I was left with a crossbite. If that weren't bad enough I started vomiting as soon as my mouth was freed & didn't stop until I was finally hospitalized 3 weeks later, after not being able to eat or drink even a sip of water. This lead to me now having vertigo, no smell or taste! I have a hard time talking & eating. Now for my question, sorry....my dentist had to put crowns on 4 of my front teeth. One tooth is slightly loose and this tooth he made the same length as the 2 front teeth. It hurts ALL the time and I have told him everytime I visit his office. I've asked him before he had the crowns made if he'd shape it like the other took, on the other side of my front teeth. He didn't! I think if it were decreased in sized it wouldn't rub, bump etc and maybe have a chance to heal. My question is, could this be done while on my teeth or would it need to be removed in order to do it properly? My front teeth also need to be decreased a bit so I am able to close my lips over my teeth. However, if it were to be removed I am afraid that the loose tooth would come out and I'd be in for MORE work. I can't have an implant since I've had such bone loss. Anyway, s sorry to ramble on I just wanted you to have ALL the info so you could make an accurate suggestion. It is GREATLY appreciated.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 17 - February - 2013, at 10:17 AM

  • if you want to reshape your teeth then you have to remove them and get them remade. In removing you are not going to loose the tooth as the crown will be cut out of the tooth. there is no other way to reshape the tooth. it is difficult to give you the exact treatment plan wiithout clinical examination and simply on the basis of the information. Schedule your appointment with the dentist and discuss with him. For more info on dental crowns you can visit the following link....http://www.identalhub.com/article_problems-after-crown-placement-272.aspx

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