I year ago I had my front upper 4 tooth arrenged. had 4 endodontics and 4 crowns, since then I have a continue bad taste in my mouth like if some fluid coming from those tooths (24/7), I had a couple of operation with the specialist a Implant Periodontist , they opened my gums (gingivae) to see is something was wrong, nothing came up, no infección. Everything is clean. They took down the crowns to see if was an allergy (now I have some provisional tooths)and nothing. I have sinuses for 20 years now , never had a problem in my mouth for it. The doctors said that there is no way that my sinsus come down thru central and front tooth .. that only in molars.. any ideas, Im frustated and desperate

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 29 - March - 2012, at 07:43 AM

  • With out seeing the case clinically it is difficult to comment on your problem. So many factors like oral hygeine, Flow of the saliva and the consistency of the saliva have the effect. Even the coating on the tongue can cause the bad taste in the mouth or if you are taking any medication it can also cause the bad taste. 

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