I had a root canal done about a year ago this month July 2013. Right from the beggining I had informed my Dentist that there was something wrong and had extreme pain like there was still nerve tissue. However before I was told by the dentist that I needed a root canal I never experienced any pain so I was suprised when he had informed me that I needed a root canal. Also Dentist told me nothing was wrong after reviewing X-rays I thought okay maybe it still has to get used to the crown, However again two months later it was still extremeley painful and once again informed my dentist they told me I have to get used to the crown. Finally 6 months after I told them its not getting better only worse and that there must be an infection however once again told me nothing was wrong. Finally I went to my child hood dentist and paid $150 just for him to xRay the root canal and with in seconds informed me of where the infection was and that there was infected nerve left on each end of my canal when it shouldnt have been left there! Once I had informed the dentist who had performed the root canal he stated he couldnt retreat it because he deosnt have the tools that my only options were to buy a bride or an impant which amounts to thousands of dollars. I am an exited foster youth just turned 21 and love on my own. Im low income and dont have any money to that just to survive. At this time he told me the best he could do was provide me with my medi cal benficiary telephone number and ask for an endodetist near Santa Maria ca who takes medi cal mind you this was now January 2013 My medi cal ended at 21 on Febuary 21,2013. There was an Endo dentist located in Van Nuys Ca and I had gone down there to get XRays in order to send up to Medi-cal for the retreatment to be done and authorized. However in that time I had broken my Mandible and had screws in my jaw and was unable to do the retreat due to the screws and needed to reschedule the appt to do the retreating of the root canal. once I was able to do the retreatment I had scheduled for an appt once again in Van Nuys all the way from Santa Maria ca. On my way there using my own resources of getting there the tire had blown out an hour away from Van Nuys. Right away I walked to a gas station to use the telephone to inform the endo dentist receptionist what had happend and that I may be slightly delayed for my APPT time. The receptionist was very rude informed me that I had already rescheduled and if I was not there by my appoinment time that they would be unable to further retreat the root canal. I asked her if I can wait there until the end of the day if I had to and if someone doesnt make it I can take there spot she informed me no that basically I was out of luck. I was upset that he denied the fact he had messed up and now a year later my medi cal is gone and nothing has been done about it. Im still in pain cant even eat on my right side without persistent pain. WHAT CAN I DO? Should I sue to get compensated and fixed? Im not sure how I can about this????? PLEASE HELP!

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 25 - July - 2013, at 21:14 PM

  • If you have pain and you are not able to chew from that side since last 1 year then you  have to get the re-root canal treatment done. There is no other option. But if getting re-root canal treatment is not possible then you have to get this tooth pulled out and then you have to get dental implant. If you are not able to get the treatment done, you should find some dental school near your home where the treatment is cheaper. This root canal failures do occur and it is not that the infection is left delibrately by the dentist. You can weigh your options. for more info on re-root canal treatment you can check this article in our website... http://www.identalhub.com/article_root-canal-re-treatment-304.aspx

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