Hi, One of my friends having some problem in mouth. 2 white patches are there on her tongue. One with 2 c.m. diameter and one with .5 c.m. diameter. There was also a spot in inner cheek wall. We consulted a doctor here in Apollo(skin specialist). As per him it is due to lack of blood circulation. He gave some medicine and a gel to use. After using that the spot in the inner cheek wall got almost cured. But there is no progress for the spots on tongue. The doctor prescribe antioxidant capsules and said it will take some months get cured. Earlier, there was no sensation on those spots but now it burns if she eats spicy food. The doctor assured multiple times that it is not a cancer. Can you please suggest how long it will take to get cured? Many thanks in advance.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 10 - December - 2012, at 02:56 AM

  • One of the prominent causes of white patches in mouth is lichen planus. It is an autoimmune disorder that involves the formation of lacy white patches on the gums, tongue, palate, and other parts of the mouth. In severe cases, it may spread to the throat and the esophagus.

    Home remedies To Get Rid of White Patches in Mouth
    • Avoid eating foodstuffs that irritate your mouth. It will help a lot in curing lichen planus.
    • Take an aspirin tablet with water. It will prevent a possible burn to your mouth bearing white patches.
    • Place a moist wet tea bag on the white patches to reduce discomforts like pain and irritation.
    • In order to cure candidiasis, eat a cup of yogurt with live cultures.
    • Make a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water in equal ratio and dab directly on the rough white patches.
    • Prepare a solution of milk of magnesia and Benadryl lotion in equal amounts. Swish it for 2 minutes and spit out.
    • Stay away from tobacco and smoke to treat white patches from chewing tobacco.
    • Take non-prescription anti viral medication for leukoplakia.
    • Avoid eating spicy and abrasive foods.
    • Stay away from alcohol.
    • Remove the source of irritation to treat frictional keratosis.
    Seeking medical intervention becomes even more if the white patches last for more than 3 weeks. Trying out the above home remedies will help in coping with the discomfort while you undergo medical treatment for white patches in mouth.
    For more info,visit the link http://www.identalhub.com/dental-what-are-leukoplakia-lesions-or-patches-751.aspx

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