here's the situation, I had 4 teeth removed, 2 at top and 2 at bottom left side, there is pain now when I swallow, chew, bite and talk, I went back to see the doc about 3 1/2 weeks later (yesterday,2/27/2012) he says it's the jaw bone pushing thru, it should break off (because I can feel the tip of it very sharp & pointy) and I'll be fine. He says if it has not gotten better before 6 weeks to come back, he may have to shave it down. I'm in pain now evrytime I talk, what is your advice on this. IN PAIN

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 01 - March - 2012, at 08:56 AM

  • You should not have any pain after 3 weeks of tooth extraction as by this time even the surgical extractions heal. If the jaw bone is pusing thru the extraction socket and is causing pain and difficulty in swallowing then your dentist should shave it off now only. You can take a second opinon for this as it is difficult to comment without clinical examination. for more info on tooth extraction complications you can read this article...

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