At the end of the lower jaw (right) , the gum has swell up and severely paining. I am 30 years of age. My tonsil also is paining (feel pain to swallow saliva). Is it wisdom tooth coming out? Or molar? I do not have any idea. Can u plz tell me??

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 30 - July - 2014, at 20:01 PM

  • At the age of 30, most likely it is wisdom tooth which is now coming in as all other teeth come by 12 years of age. The wisdom tooth normally comes between 18-25 years of age but it varies. So it is your wisdom tooth only. So schedule an appointment as mostly  these are impacted and have to be pulled out. Till then do warm saline rinses 3-4 times day and maintain good oral hygiene. For more info on wisdom teeth you can check this link in our website....

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